Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 14, 2009

It's been almost 7 years (dog years, that is) since I've been published. Miss Kathi is taking care of me again for my mom who is in South America -- she said it's the other side of the world and everything is opposite -- does that mean she doesn't like me now? Hope not.

But I'm back with my friends, Honey and Sasha and I have not been locked behind the gate once. I now get to roam around in the house but not outside. I still have to be on a leash.

But now I have pretty red bows in my hair at my ears. My groomer gave them to me last month to commerate Valentine's Day. I should have gotten somehting to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I would have looked good in green but then I look good in anything.

Friday, July 25, 2008


July 25, 2008

I can't believe it - my mom finally came back for me - I am sooo happy!!! I thought she forgot about me - don't know how. We're going home!!! She scared me for a moment though - she went outside and left me at the door - I waited and laid down on the floor and waited and even cried a little - I thought she forgot me. But she came back for me!!!! I am going home!!!

A funny thing happened - the door bell rang and Sasha and I ran barking to the window and door to see what was going on. When my mom came in and picked me up, Sasha growled and barked at my mom and backed her into a corner.  I guess she likes me after all - how could she not after all I am so cute and cuddly. But Miss Kathi had to put Sasha outside to calm her down.

I sure did have fun with Miss Kathi and Honey and Sasha and said good by to everyone but I am going HOME with MY MOM!!!

Quiet Day


Today I got access to almost the entire house. Miss Kathi didn't work in the office today - she pulled out a big machine that makes a lot of noise. The other girls left but I stayed nearby to see what this was all about. I also ate the big girl's food again - yum good. I know when we go to the office and I fly in there with my ears and tail flying. And I didn't get into any trouble today - yet.

Boy after all that running through the house, I fell asleep watching television so I didn't get a chance to cause any kind of trouble. But I did want to be held tonight and I don't know why - it's like a change is coming.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paperclips And The Bed


I found three paperclips on the floor in Miss Kathi's office. She just can't figure out where I find them. She says she doesn't even use them but I keep finding them.

I got to play with Honey again today. Actually she just stands there and I run around her. Is this right?

I cannot believe this -- Miss Kathi actually put me on her bed -- what a great playground! I attached the covers and the pillows and kept escaping Miss Kathi. She then brought my teddy bear to me and I got to rip into it just shaking it all over and growling and carrying on. This was really great. Why did she wait so long to let me play there? I will say it sure is high off the ground - I could get vertigo - whatever that is - but I will say I experienced a little bit of dizzyness being so high off the ground. But it was a lot of fun. I hope we get to do that again.


After the Storm


Boy it sure is a mess outside. There are a lot of pieces of wood laying on the ground from the storm last night. I have to jump really high sometimes to get around them. But not when I walk on my little path next to the house. There is nothing there that doesn't belong there. Now if I could only be left alone out there to chew to my heart's content - what fun that would be.

I stood there for a while because the wind was blowing and if was really neat to have it blow through my hair - like driving in a convertible -- have I ever done that?

And this afternoon when Miss Kathi let me run through the house I found a pine cone but I'm not going to tell you where I found it. I like to keep Miss Kathi guesing about everything -- keep her on her toes.

And I got to play with Honey again -- she still won't run but we have a good time anyway. Sasha doesn’t' play but she stands by just in case I need help like a protector. Shes's really neat but very nervous at night. She has special hearing and hears things we don't hear.



Boy it sure is hot today -- no one is moving around much. And I found another paperclip - I love those but Miss Kathi keeps taking them away from and mutters something about how I keep find them since she isn't using them -- I am a search dog and a destroyer. She's been calling me Spike for a while now -- doesn't she know my name is Muffy. And some other times she calls me Shadow -- this lady is really confused if you ask me.

I got to play with Honey a lot this afternoon while Miss Kathi was cooking her meal. Honey doesn't run but we still got to play some. She's a really neat dog most of the time. Other times she does get cranky and irritable -- not me --I'm always happy!!!

This evening we had big booming thunder and then lots of rain. I just laid on my special chair and watched it and dozed off. Sasha didn't do that -- Sasha is scared of noises like the thunder and fireworks. The power even went out -- boy it was getting real hot there but after a while it came back on. Whew!! Don't think we could have stood not having cool air at night to sleep.

Quiet Day


It was a quiet day. She did a strange thing and every so often I see her do this. When I have my carrot and she has her dinner, after a while Sasha comes in and sits at her feet and watches her -- and let me tell you Sasha can sit for a long time staring at you -- sometimes she looks like a stuffed toy I have in my kennel except she is too big for my kennel. Anyway, Miss Kathi gave her something off her plate and didn't share with me. I wonder what it is -- she even let Sasha lick her fingers. I get to lick her fingers -- and toes -- and feet -- and face.