Friday, July 25, 2008


July 25, 2008

I can't believe it - my mom finally came back for me - I am sooo happy!!! I thought she forgot about me - don't know how. We're going home!!! She scared me for a moment though - she went outside and left me at the door - I waited and laid down on the floor and waited and even cried a little - I thought she forgot me. But she came back for me!!!! I am going home!!!

A funny thing happened - the door bell rang and Sasha and I ran barking to the window and door to see what was going on. When my mom came in and picked me up, Sasha growled and barked at my mom and backed her into a corner.  I guess she likes me after all - how could she not after all I am so cute and cuddly. But Miss Kathi had to put Sasha outside to calm her down.

I sure did have fun with Miss Kathi and Honey and Sasha and said good by to everyone but I am going HOME with MY MOM!!!

Quiet Day


Today I got access to almost the entire house. Miss Kathi didn't work in the office today - she pulled out a big machine that makes a lot of noise. The other girls left but I stayed nearby to see what this was all about. I also ate the big girl's food again - yum good. I know when we go to the office and I fly in there with my ears and tail flying. And I didn't get into any trouble today - yet.

Boy after all that running through the house, I fell asleep watching television so I didn't get a chance to cause any kind of trouble. But I did want to be held tonight and I don't know why - it's like a change is coming.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paperclips And The Bed


I found three paperclips on the floor in Miss Kathi's office. She just can't figure out where I find them. She says she doesn't even use them but I keep finding them.

I got to play with Honey again today. Actually she just stands there and I run around her. Is this right?

I cannot believe this -- Miss Kathi actually put me on her bed -- what a great playground! I attached the covers and the pillows and kept escaping Miss Kathi. She then brought my teddy bear to me and I got to rip into it just shaking it all over and growling and carrying on. This was really great. Why did she wait so long to let me play there? I will say it sure is high off the ground - I could get vertigo - whatever that is - but I will say I experienced a little bit of dizzyness being so high off the ground. But it was a lot of fun. I hope we get to do that again.


After the Storm


Boy it sure is a mess outside. There are a lot of pieces of wood laying on the ground from the storm last night. I have to jump really high sometimes to get around them. But not when I walk on my little path next to the house. There is nothing there that doesn't belong there. Now if I could only be left alone out there to chew to my heart's content - what fun that would be.

I stood there for a while because the wind was blowing and if was really neat to have it blow through my hair - like driving in a convertible -- have I ever done that?

And this afternoon when Miss Kathi let me run through the house I found a pine cone but I'm not going to tell you where I found it. I like to keep Miss Kathi guesing about everything -- keep her on her toes.

And I got to play with Honey again -- she still won't run but we have a good time anyway. Sasha doesn’t' play but she stands by just in case I need help like a protector. Shes's really neat but very nervous at night. She has special hearing and hears things we don't hear.



Boy it sure is hot today -- no one is moving around much. And I found another paperclip - I love those but Miss Kathi keeps taking them away from and mutters something about how I keep find them since she isn't using them -- I am a search dog and a destroyer. She's been calling me Spike for a while now -- doesn't she know my name is Muffy. And some other times she calls me Shadow -- this lady is really confused if you ask me.

I got to play with Honey a lot this afternoon while Miss Kathi was cooking her meal. Honey doesn't run but we still got to play some. She's a really neat dog most of the time. Other times she does get cranky and irritable -- not me --I'm always happy!!!

This evening we had big booming thunder and then lots of rain. I just laid on my special chair and watched it and dozed off. Sasha didn't do that -- Sasha is scared of noises like the thunder and fireworks. The power even went out -- boy it was getting real hot there but after a while it came back on. Whew!! Don't think we could have stood not having cool air at night to sleep.

Quiet Day


It was a quiet day. She did a strange thing and every so often I see her do this. When I have my carrot and she has her dinner, after a while Sasha comes in and sits at her feet and watches her -- and let me tell you Sasha can sit for a long time staring at you -- sometimes she looks like a stuffed toy I have in my kennel except she is too big for my kennel. Anyway, Miss Kathi gave her something off her plate and didn't share with me. I wonder what it is -- she even let Sasha lick her fingers. I get to lick her fingers -- and toes -- and feet -- and face.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Territory


Today I got to go in a different room. Miss Kathi has a room she calls her sewing room and it has an ottoman for me to sit on. So she put me on there with a bowl of ice, beautiful, wonderful ice, but she had to leave the room for a minute. Well I got tired of waiting for her to come back -- I really don't like to be alone don't ya know - and so I jumped off the ottoman and found her. Boy I sure scared her. That is the only piece of furniture that I can do that on. She came back to the sewing room and did some work and then we went into the den and I got to play with my ball.

Filpping My Bed, Part Deux


I attacked my bed again in Miss Kathi's office and won!!! I got it flipped over and tried to chew it but no luck. Miss Kathi asked me if I was part Retriever too because I sometimes point when we go outside. I don't know what she is talking about at all. She is absolutely crazy and has started calling me Spike - why?

Ho-Hum Part Deux


Today was like yesterday - I wonder if anything new will happen. And what kind of mischief can I get in to? I have to think of something - what a responsibility I have to keep these people entertained. I'm not being paid enough!


Almost Another Day Like Other Days


Today was pretty much like all other days - running, ice, carrots, food, ball and elephant, going outside, walking my path. And I almost flew!! Miss Kathi puts me on a chair in the den for my carrot so I won't bother Honey and Sasha with whatever they have - sure doesn't look very good. But after I was done with my carrot and Miss Kathi was done with her dinner I wanted to be in the chair with her and she went to reach for me and I flew and she caught me -- I think I scared her a bit. I really like to do that.



Today I ended up spending a lot of it in my kennel. Miss Kathi went to her morning class and then went to lunch at some Mexican restaurant down the street. She said my mom would love it because they have a happy hour for Margaritas where you buy one and get another one for free. What's a Margarita and is it something I should have in my daily food?

But I did get to run around her den in the afternoon and evening and chasing my ball and my elephant. What a lot of fun that is. 

One thing I forgot to mention is that I am a terrific watch dog - there are birds outside Miss Kathi's office window and bugs and dogs and I get to bark at them -- when I feel like it.

Just Another Day


Another day when I get to run through the house. Honey is trying to play with me but she can't keep up. But then neither can Miss Kathi. I am faster than anything and I love to run. She won't let me run outside. She keeps putting the leash on me.

Oh, well, at least I get to run in the house. My ears fly in the wind as does my tail. I bet I look beautiful doing it.

And I found the 'big girl's food' and started nibbling on it. Those pieces are bigger than what I am used to. But Miss Kathi keeps telling me not to go near the food or water as those are for Honey and Sasha and they wouldn't like it if it I got into their stuff. I can't believe they wouldn't want to share with me -- I am just too cute and cuddly. 

And I found more paperclips - i just love paperclips.

Me & Sasha


A new day - how wonderful. I ran through the house from one end to another playing and having great fun. And I got to bark at Sasha when she was outside - she kind of sneaks up on to the patio - she is really quiet and is magical. One time she is there and another time she has disappeared. She still avoids me but I try to keep in her face so she won't forget me.

And how I love my carrots!! The other two don't eat carrots - they just don't know what they are missing. But Miss Kathi makes me sit and stay to have a carrot - seems like she wants me to work for this carrot -- doesn't she know that I deserve to have it just because I am me?

And ice!!! I love ice and I love being in the kitchen when Miss Kathi gets ice - it falls down to me like a shower of ice and I can pick up whatever I want to pick up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008



This was a quiet day for some reason. But I guess after the excitement of yesterday with the possum that is probably a good thing. I get to run through the house and in the evening I get to play with my ball and my elephant. Then I get to sleep on the chair with Miss Kathi and get put to bed.

One thing Miss Kathi has started to say to me is that I have OCD. I don't feel sick and I don't have any burrs on me and I don't have any extra toys to play with so I don't know what she means by saying that I have OCD. She says it when we go outside and I travel a path under the vines/bushes that I like that goes along the back of the house and then I have to walk around this bush and then up the side of the house. I have my own little path and do not want to change my walk. I just don't know what she means. Guess I'll find out some day.

Sasha & The Possom


What an exciting day! There was a lot of noise coming from the back yard this morning. Even Miss Kathi got upset. There was a lot of growling, hissing and a lot of other noise like that going on. Miss Kathi thought the dogs that live on the other side of the fence had broken down the fence and gotten into the back yard where Sasha was. She called and called but Sasha wouldn't come. Then Miss Kathi went out to find out what was going on and found that Sasha had cornered in a circle a possum and they were growling at each other and the possum was hissing and making really strange noises at her. Miss Kathi came in and got her umbrella and tried to break it up or get Sasha's attention to get her in the house. She finally succeeded. Boy am I glad I was in the house - that was kind of scary - that critter was bigger than me.

After that the rest of the day was really quiet but I did get to fly. Every so often during the day I get the run of the house and can run to my hearts desire. I was running so fast that when I turned to run back I actually flew - it was great fun and I can't wait until I get to do it again..

My Flipped Bed (She Couldn't Get The Camera Out)


A new day and more trouble to cause. In the morning when I get up after I go outside, Miss Kathi takes me in her office where the bed and toys are put. I put one over on her - I can turn the bed over and this time I dug into it and managed to pull off some of the foam the chew but she always catches me doing something wrong. Guess that's why she won't let me have the roam of the house because she has a lot of stuff I can get in to.

Boy was I wrong - I got TO RUN THROUGH THE HOUSE!!!!!!! It was so much fun - and there is so much room to run around in. And I got to play with the tennis ball in the den again and Miss Kathi even threw it so I could run after it. It was a lot of fun -- but it sure tires me out. I need to go get some sleep. See you tomorrow.

Flipping My Bed


Well a new day and trouble - I actually got my bed on one edge and tipped it over and went after the neat tag on the back and the foam. But dang, Miss Kathi caught me. I've taken a couple of great naps - boy do I have a lot in store tonight.

In the evening I get to play in the den with the tennis ball. I can't quite get my whole mouth around it but I can nudge it with my nose and bat it around with my front paws. I am still trying to master playing with it any maybe one day I will.

The Tennis Ball


I woke up really happy this morning. Miss Kathi let me run through the house and I met up with Honey (the Lab). Honey growled at me -- she is not a morning dog but then she is really old.

We went out and I just wanted to romp around but Miss Kathi just won't let me off my leash. She says it's just too dangerous for me to be out there by myself. Shucks.

After she came back from her water playing we went to her office where I got to eat and drink again and played with the bed. I turned it over and then started chewing the paper that was on the back -- I love paper! But I also fooled Miss Kathi - I like to chew everything I can get my teeth into - cloth, paper, plastic, wood (not furniture and stuff). AND I played with the tennis ball - I moved it around and even picked it up with my mouth! Now if Miss Kathi only had her camera on me than it would be recorded for posterity and not for anyone to think I was dreaming it.

I got to spend the evening in the den playing on the floor with the tennis ball. It really moves fast there. I can pick it up and take it anywhere I want to take it. I have a lot of fun with that.

When we went out to the backyard there was a lot of noise there and I like to walk under the trees except when the squirrels in the trees drop nuts near me - it's a bit scary but not so much -- it doesn't bother the big girls so I won't let it bother me.

While I was sitting on the chair with Miss Kathi, I happened to look up and started barking. Miss Kathi kept trying to shush me (she doesn't like it when I bark at Honey and Sasha and thought I was barking at them) but I couldn't stop barking -- there was another dog looking back at me in the window. Miss Kathi looked at the window and she started laughing at me -- da nerve!

More tomorrow.

My First Day With The Tennis Ball


What a beautiful day. Miss Kathi took me outside first thing so I can take care of business if you know what I mean but I don't like being watched. Makes me nervous and a girl just needs her privacy if you know what I mean. Then Miss Kathi had to take some kind of big container from the back yard to the front and it startled me so she tied my leash around a door knob so I wouldn't run around or away - good move. Then we walked around a bit in the back yard where I got to sniff stuff and see stuff and get tangled up in the bushes - that's a lot of fun.

We went to her office and I got my ice chips and food. I know where her office is and I like it there but I would like to play with the big girls but maybe another time. After a while she said it was time to go and we went back to the den and bedroom. She closed off the doors so I was all alone with her and I got to run like crazy. She said Sasha does the same thing when she gets in the mood but I haven't seen her do that and she's just really weird right now. I hope the noises that are being made that bother stop soon because it's making everyone not feel good. Miss Kathi keeps falling asleep - she says she's deprived of sleep. Anyway I got to take my morning nap while she was out with Tai Chi (I bet Sasha knows what that is - my mom does it, too) and then plays in the water.

Miss Kathi wanted to take me out for another walk this afternoon and boy did I scare her - I left my toy on the floor and she stepped on it and she thought it was me when it squeaked. If I had any kind of a voice I would have laughed silly. But all I can do is bark and do a kind of cough - they really like it when I do that when they are trying to put leash on my collar - really funny.

Miss Kathi let me play with a tennis ball. It rolls around the wooden floors real easy but not so easy on the carpeting she has in her office. It's fun to play with but I can't pick it up.

We spent the evening in the den. She eats there watching TV and puts me in the next chair in the bed she is letting me use. I just don't understand why I can't be there even when she eats -- just doesn't seem fair.

We went outside this evening and there was a dragonfly that flew by me. I wanted to chase it but it flew away. There are a lot of neat things in the back yard -- it's such an adventure.


What a great day!!! Miss Kathi bought my carrots and I enjoyed the first one sooo much. She also gives me ice chips which I really love -- it's better than water.

We also got to go outside and roam around. She has a really big back yard and there is so much to see. It's just such an adventure out there. And also an adventure in her house. She has lots of stuff. I find all her paper clips and whatever else she has dropped on her office floor. I get them and chew them but they don't let me chew real well. Sometimes I lay on my back holding it in my hand while trying to chew - I was told I looked like a sea otter --- what's a sea otter?

My mom also told me that I was not allowed to chew through the gate again like I did the last time I was here. She just takes the fun out of everything -- I just didn't want to be alone - I wanted to be with the big girls.

We spent the evening in the den watching TV - I really like laying on the chair with Miss Kathi. Sasha is very nervous from all the fireworks. I guess I'm a big girl because the fireworks don't bother me. She actually tried to move her bowl of dog food across the floor -- no one knows why she does this but it sure is funny.

Well, time to go to bed and get a good night's sleep. Can't wait for tomorrow's adventures.

My First Day

July 5, 2008

Well my human/mom went away -- again. This time she went to Czechoslovakia - this word is bigger then me! She left on Sunday, July 6 but she said I couldn't go with her. I don't know why -- I fit in her purse. She even has a special bag for me to travel in. Oh, well, at least she didn't leave me at home or at a kennel. She left me with a real nice home - there is the human (Miss Kathi) and her two dogs - a lab named Honey who is really old - older than the crypt master - and a Chow named Sasha. It's fun there but these girls are way bigger than me. I've been here before and actually got Honey to chase me -- boy was I scared!!! But we became friends and I found out that if I run really, really fast then maybe she won't catch me.

My human/mom brought me over here but she sure was sad - she didn't want to leave me but Miss Kathi took a picture of us on mom's cell phone so she can look at me anytime she wants. Good thing I got my hair cut.

But then mom forgot my baby carrots and she forgot my little bed -- she said the last time I came over here that the little bed was getting too little for me. Miss Kathi thought she had carrots fro me but they had gone bad -- I don't think I want to have anything to eat out of her refrigerator. She said she would get more tomorrow after she goes to church. But she did have a bigger bed for me to curl up in when I want - she said it belonged to her cat named Sheena -- what's a cat?

After dinner we watched TV in her den. She has a chair that leans back and has a ledge just for me to lay on. She thought she would get away without me being there but I had to let her know that that is my spot and to let me up. We both slept for a while there until we had to go to bed. The bigger dogs were really scared when we went outside but I guess that was from all the noise going on out there.

Well more tomorrow.