Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Tennis Ball


I woke up really happy this morning. Miss Kathi let me run through the house and I met up with Honey (the Lab). Honey growled at me -- she is not a morning dog but then she is really old.

We went out and I just wanted to romp around but Miss Kathi just won't let me off my leash. She says it's just too dangerous for me to be out there by myself. Shucks.

After she came back from her water playing we went to her office where I got to eat and drink again and played with the bed. I turned it over and then started chewing the paper that was on the back -- I love paper! But I also fooled Miss Kathi - I like to chew everything I can get my teeth into - cloth, paper, plastic, wood (not furniture and stuff). AND I played with the tennis ball - I moved it around and even picked it up with my mouth! Now if Miss Kathi only had her camera on me than it would be recorded for posterity and not for anyone to think I was dreaming it.

I got to spend the evening in the den playing on the floor with the tennis ball. It really moves fast there. I can pick it up and take it anywhere I want to take it. I have a lot of fun with that.

When we went out to the backyard there was a lot of noise there and I like to walk under the trees except when the squirrels in the trees drop nuts near me - it's a bit scary but not so much -- it doesn't bother the big girls so I won't let it bother me.

While I was sitting on the chair with Miss Kathi, I happened to look up and started barking. Miss Kathi kept trying to shush me (she doesn't like it when I bark at Honey and Sasha and thought I was barking at them) but I couldn't stop barking -- there was another dog looking back at me in the window. Miss Kathi looked at the window and she started laughing at me -- da nerve!

More tomorrow.

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