Thursday, July 24, 2008



Boy it sure is hot today -- no one is moving around much. And I found another paperclip - I love those but Miss Kathi keeps taking them away from and mutters something about how I keep find them since she isn't using them -- I am a search dog and a destroyer. She's been calling me Spike for a while now -- doesn't she know my name is Muffy. And some other times she calls me Shadow -- this lady is really confused if you ask me.

I got to play with Honey a lot this afternoon while Miss Kathi was cooking her meal. Honey doesn't run but we still got to play some. She's a really neat dog most of the time. Other times she does get cranky and irritable -- not me --I'm always happy!!!

This evening we had big booming thunder and then lots of rain. I just laid on my special chair and watched it and dozed off. Sasha didn't do that -- Sasha is scared of noises like the thunder and fireworks. The power even went out -- boy it was getting real hot there but after a while it came back on. Whew!! Don't think we could have stood not having cool air at night to sleep.

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