Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Flipped Bed (She Couldn't Get The Camera Out)


A new day and more trouble to cause. In the morning when I get up after I go outside, Miss Kathi takes me in her office where the bed and toys are put. I put one over on her - I can turn the bed over and this time I dug into it and managed to pull off some of the foam the chew but she always catches me doing something wrong. Guess that's why she won't let me have the roam of the house because she has a lot of stuff I can get in to.

Boy was I wrong - I got TO RUN THROUGH THE HOUSE!!!!!!! It was so much fun - and there is so much room to run around in. And I got to play with the tennis ball in the den again and Miss Kathi even threw it so I could run after it. It was a lot of fun -- but it sure tires me out. I need to go get some sleep. See you tomorrow.

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