Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My First Day With The Tennis Ball


What a beautiful day. Miss Kathi took me outside first thing so I can take care of business if you know what I mean but I don't like being watched. Makes me nervous and a girl just needs her privacy if you know what I mean. Then Miss Kathi had to take some kind of big container from the back yard to the front and it startled me so she tied my leash around a door knob so I wouldn't run around or away - good move. Then we walked around a bit in the back yard where I got to sniff stuff and see stuff and get tangled up in the bushes - that's a lot of fun.

We went to her office and I got my ice chips and food. I know where her office is and I like it there but I would like to play with the big girls but maybe another time. After a while she said it was time to go and we went back to the den and bedroom. She closed off the doors so I was all alone with her and I got to run like crazy. She said Sasha does the same thing when she gets in the mood but I haven't seen her do that and she's just really weird right now. I hope the noises that are being made that bother stop soon because it's making everyone not feel good. Miss Kathi keeps falling asleep - she says she's deprived of sleep. Anyway I got to take my morning nap while she was out with Tai Chi (I bet Sasha knows what that is - my mom does it, too) and then plays in the water.

Miss Kathi wanted to take me out for another walk this afternoon and boy did I scare her - I left my toy on the floor and she stepped on it and she thought it was me when it squeaked. If I had any kind of a voice I would have laughed silly. But all I can do is bark and do a kind of cough - they really like it when I do that when they are trying to put leash on my collar - really funny.

Miss Kathi let me play with a tennis ball. It rolls around the wooden floors real easy but not so easy on the carpeting she has in her office. It's fun to play with but I can't pick it up.

We spent the evening in the den. She eats there watching TV and puts me in the next chair in the bed she is letting me use. I just don't understand why I can't be there even when she eats -- just doesn't seem fair.

We went outside this evening and there was a dragonfly that flew by me. I wanted to chase it but it flew away. There are a lot of neat things in the back yard -- it's such an adventure.


What a great day!!! Miss Kathi bought my carrots and I enjoyed the first one sooo much. She also gives me ice chips which I really love -- it's better than water.

We also got to go outside and roam around. She has a really big back yard and there is so much to see. It's just such an adventure out there. And also an adventure in her house. She has lots of stuff. I find all her paper clips and whatever else she has dropped on her office floor. I get them and chew them but they don't let me chew real well. Sometimes I lay on my back holding it in my hand while trying to chew - I was told I looked like a sea otter --- what's a sea otter?

My mom also told me that I was not allowed to chew through the gate again like I did the last time I was here. She just takes the fun out of everything -- I just didn't want to be alone - I wanted to be with the big girls.

We spent the evening in the den watching TV - I really like laying on the chair with Miss Kathi. Sasha is very nervous from all the fireworks. I guess I'm a big girl because the fireworks don't bother me. She actually tried to move her bowl of dog food across the floor -- no one knows why she does this but it sure is funny.

Well, time to go to bed and get a good night's sleep. Can't wait for tomorrow's adventures.

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