Thursday, July 24, 2008

After the Storm


Boy it sure is a mess outside. There are a lot of pieces of wood laying on the ground from the storm last night. I have to jump really high sometimes to get around them. But not when I walk on my little path next to the house. There is nothing there that doesn't belong there. Now if I could only be left alone out there to chew to my heart's content - what fun that would be.

I stood there for a while because the wind was blowing and if was really neat to have it blow through my hair - like driving in a convertible -- have I ever done that?

And this afternoon when Miss Kathi let me run through the house I found a pine cone but I'm not going to tell you where I found it. I like to keep Miss Kathi guesing about everything -- keep her on her toes.

And I got to play with Honey again -- she still won't run but we have a good time anyway. Sasha doesn’t' play but she stands by just in case I need help like a protector. Shes's really neat but very nervous at night. She has special hearing and hears things we don't hear.

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