Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My First Day

July 5, 2008

Well my human/mom went away -- again. This time she went to Czechoslovakia - this word is bigger then me! She left on Sunday, July 6 but she said I couldn't go with her. I don't know why -- I fit in her purse. She even has a special bag for me to travel in. Oh, well, at least she didn't leave me at home or at a kennel. She left me with a real nice home - there is the human (Miss Kathi) and her two dogs - a lab named Honey who is really old - older than the crypt master - and a Chow named Sasha. It's fun there but these girls are way bigger than me. I've been here before and actually got Honey to chase me -- boy was I scared!!! But we became friends and I found out that if I run really, really fast then maybe she won't catch me.

My human/mom brought me over here but she sure was sad - she didn't want to leave me but Miss Kathi took a picture of us on mom's cell phone so she can look at me anytime she wants. Good thing I got my hair cut.

But then mom forgot my baby carrots and she forgot my little bed -- she said the last time I came over here that the little bed was getting too little for me. Miss Kathi thought she had carrots fro me but they had gone bad -- I don't think I want to have anything to eat out of her refrigerator. She said she would get more tomorrow after she goes to church. But she did have a bigger bed for me to curl up in when I want - she said it belonged to her cat named Sheena -- what's a cat?

After dinner we watched TV in her den. She has a chair that leans back and has a ledge just for me to lay on. She thought she would get away without me being there but I had to let her know that that is my spot and to let me up. We both slept for a while there until we had to go to bed. The bigger dogs were really scared when we went outside but I guess that was from all the noise going on out there.

Well more tomorrow.

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