Friday, July 25, 2008


July 25, 2008

I can't believe it - my mom finally came back for me - I am sooo happy!!! I thought she forgot about me - don't know how. We're going home!!! She scared me for a moment though - she went outside and left me at the door - I waited and laid down on the floor and waited and even cried a little - I thought she forgot me. But she came back for me!!!! I am going home!!!

A funny thing happened - the door bell rang and Sasha and I ran barking to the window and door to see what was going on. When my mom came in and picked me up, Sasha growled and barked at my mom and backed her into a corner.  I guess she likes me after all - how could she not after all I am so cute and cuddly. But Miss Kathi had to put Sasha outside to calm her down.

I sure did have fun with Miss Kathi and Honey and Sasha and said good by to everyone but I am going HOME with MY MOM!!!

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